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The commercial property industry is facing an increase in bed bug infestation and colonization due to an increase in higher turn over in furniture storage and distribution as well as residential living. This makes quarantine and dead zone treatment that much rougher. Stores sell various pesticide treatments Arizonans can take advantage of, however, these treatments may become harmful if misused.

Did You Know?

According to the U.S. Center of Disease Control
“Municipal codes struggle to identify those responsible for control of bed bug infestations.” This is because commercial property has a high turn over rate of the storage, distribution and sale of furniture and residential living. Certain commercial property can become a catalyst for hosting, breeding, feeding and colonizing bed bugs around the state of Arizona.

Pesticide when used by an individual who is not trained to handle chemicals like our professional pest control technicians will misuse the pesticide treatment and create a public health concern. This can unfold in to a mental and economic health concern for the public. Mentally, these chemicals are very harmful if ingested or applied to the skin the wrong way as they can often trigger negative side-effects. Economically there is a dollar amount that exceeds our understanding. After health care, wages, revenue, productivity and treatment costs are taken in to account (not taking in to account the size and scope of the bed bug control infestation and treatment) these price tags can add up, quickly.