Something Bugging You? Inform Yourself to Rid Them!

The first thing to understand is that bed bugs feed off blood. Hence, wherever there is blood, bed bugs are happy. Bed bugs find a perfect home in hostels, airports, resorts, hotels and high populace areas where people travel frequently. That being said tenants and landlords need to keep a watchful eye on property investments.

Bed Bug FAQs:

What are bed bugs exactly?
Bed bugs (cimex lectularius) are parasites that take on a small, flat shape. They are found around the world. Although there has been a decline in bed bugs for the past decade, they are making a strong comeback.

Are we at risk of having a bed bug infestation?
Bed bugs feed from warm-blood – Meaning, everyone is at risk when in an infested area. Those that frequently travel are at a higher risk than those that keep a clean household. But those that keep a clean household aren’t necessarily in the clear. It is important that when buying furniture to have it inspected and treated if necessary.

How do we know if we have a bed bug infestation?
If you are squeamish it is best to move on to the next question. You will know by the bite marks they leave behind. They usually take 14 days to appear. Bite marks begin to itch and form a puffy red circle in your skin. If you have more than one of these bite marks; you have a bed bug infestation. Also, they leave behind a sweet musty odor. This may be due to the molted exoskeletons that they leave behind when growing from a nymph-larvae to an adult. You can find bed bugs in the fold of your mattress and bed sheets. Bed bugs leave behind a blood-filled “dot” of fecal matter. If you find their fecal matter around your furniture; you have bed bugs. If you made it through this answer and recognize any of these symptoms; you have a bed bug infestation.

Can bed bugs spread disease?
No one can say for sure but evidence suggest they they can not. Bed bugs are a nuisance. they are known to cause anemia in children and elderly. This and an allergic reaction are what bed bugs pose threat to.

How can did we get bed bugs?
Bed bugs can make their way in to your home through stow-aways in luggage, pillows, boxes, furniture, clothing, etc… when moved between dwellings. Used electrical appliances, furniture, bed frames, picture frames, mattresses and things of this nature are also hideaways for bed bugs. In rare cases, birds and bats can host bed bugs.