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Bed bugs feed from warm-blood. Take a head count of the people and animals in and around your residential property. This means that your entire family is at risk. Bed bugs, at night while we sleep, like tiny vampires suck blood from our bodies. Research shows that children and the elderly suffer from anemia when a bed bug colony is near by. By hiding in furniture, behind wall coverings, pictures, paintings and mattresses, bed bugs have become a parasitic nightmare of epic proportion. If we are cautious and knowledgeable we can avoid a bed bug infestation. If you are infested with bed bugs please call 480.654.5888 or make an appointment online to get rid of them, now!

Did You Know?

A female can lay as many as 500 eggs during her lifetime.
Because bed bugs are experts in hiding they travel amongst humans secretly through seams and folds of luggage, overnight bags, furniture, bedding, folded clothes, underneath edges of carpet, behind light switch covers, inside appliances, behind bas boards, inside old electrical components. and anywhere they can hide (which is everywhere) that is dark and quiet. When a bed bug is feeding it will exude an anticoagulant-anesthetic to prevent a person or animal from feeling the bite.

A good thorough vacuuming will remove bed bugs and eggs from carpeting, walls and mattresses. Pay special attention to creases and crevices. If possible, a professional hot water carpet extraction is highly recommended. Remove clutter where bed bugs might hide, apply sealing where cracks and crevices are present, spread diatomaceous earth (be very careful) at areas of infestation and a coordinated plan of attack will help prevent a bed bug colonization-infestation.